Friday, August 21, 2015

What Lies Within - James Morris - 4 stars

I received this book in exchange for an honest review by the author. I really did enjoy this book a lot and I found it to be pretty engaging and very easy to read. It has somewhat of a creepy aspect to it and it had a good mysterious plotline as well.

You have a high school senior who is really just background fixture in her school, that is before she gets a very mysterious text message saying "You're going to die." from someone she does not know. This puts Shelley on the alert and pushes her to find out who this is and why she is going to die. As the mystery unfolds she begins to se a side of her that is not only frightening, but a side she never would expected.

I love the plotline to this story so much, full of mystery, terror and even a little romance. I found the story to be very fluid and easy to follow. I think it was well thought out and written very well. I also thought that the story was very believable, something that could possibly happen in the world today and those are always the scariest stories. There was plenty of action to keep me entertained and turning the pages.

I did have a slight problem with our main character, Shelley. Again I found her to be made to look stupid and I detest that so much in books. She did not use her head in a lot of situations, but then in other situations she was on the top of her game and making good choices. So she was a little wishy washy at times, but other than that I really enjoyed the characters.

I would recommend this to anyone who likes Mystery, thriller and action packed stories. I feel like this book is very open to a sequel and I know that I would love to read it.

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